Week 1 - Respect the struggle

-Breakdown of hockey stride 

-The most powerful question you can ask yourself

Week 2- Life's greatest teacher

-Playing a 1v1 and 3v2 from forward and D perspective

-The power of failing 

Week 3 -Speak with your body

-Good and bad body language, and how it affects your teammates


Week 4- Focusing on what’s between the ears

-Practice to play

-Visualization, Discipline, Mind

Week 5- Follow your inner GPS

-Shooting effectively

-Making the right decisions, following your gut & intuition 


Lesson 6- Learn by asking the right questions

QA with one of these current professional/collegiate player/coach


Dennis Seidenberg - Dennis's bio

Kevin Rooney- Kevin's bio

Nate Leaman- Nate's bio


Lesson 7- Everyone has a story

Special guest speaker


Matt Curran (Matt's Story)


John Moynihan (John's Story)